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FIFA says women can’t play international football in headscarves

The problem: The Iranian women’s team were stopped from competing in a 2012 Olympic qualifier because their kit included head scarves. Reporting seems unclear as to whether the ban on the hijab is on safety grounds, or because political, religious and personal statements are not permitted as part of a kit.

A step towards a solution: Contact Fifa and let them know your opinions on this issue. While people may have varying opinions on the hijab, and its role as a part of a uniform or kit that all members of a team must wear, an outright ban on the hijab in football is a barrier to participation for many women. Here’s a sample comment to get you going:

I am writing to express my concern about the recent events concerning the Iranian women’s football team. I think that a ban on the hijab in competition represents a needless barrier to participation for many women, when instead the sport should be opening itself up to a wider range of people. I have heard that health and safety concerns may play a role, I imagine in relation to choking if the headscarf is grabbed during a tackle. Please could you confirm the reason for the ban? I urge you to work alongside women who wear the hijab to find a way to allow them to participate in the game safely.

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Trouble at Moscow Pride

The problem: Moscow’s Gay Pride march has again seen peaceful marchers attacked,with police arresting marchers rather than their assailants. The Mayor of Moscow has upheld the ban that makes Gay Pride illegal.

Towards a solution: AllOut have a petition which calls on President Medvedev to protct the rights of LBGTQ people in Russia, and to ensure Pride is legalised in Moscow.

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