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Save our NHS petition

The problem: The UK government are considering plans to change the NHS which will allow a greater role for private companies, and give spending power over to GPs. The BMA has said the plans are “dangerous and risky” and many charities are unhappy.

A solution: 38 degrees have organised a petition asking the government to protect patient care and listen to experts within the NHS, and not to rush through changes or hand over power to private companies.

More information:

Sign the petition


Wheelchair provision petition

The problem: 70,000 kids in the UK are waiting for the mobility equipment that they really need, and have to use wheelchairs that are too heavy or otherwise unsuitable. This can be painful, stop them getting about and interacting with others and impede their independence.

A solution: Whizz-Kidz wants the government to fast track reforms to NHS wheelchair provision and need people to sign their petition.

More information:

Sign the petition


Let’s do something, quickly

Welcome to dosomethingquickly, a blog designed to bring together petitions, letters to the powers that be, and other quick campaigning mini-actions. Life is a busy place, and we often care about a wider range of issues than we have time to campaign on – this is where dosomethingquickly comes in as a one-stop-shop to add your voice to campaigns you sympathise with quickly and easily. Topics will be many and varied, and very much down to my personal whims – suggestions always welcome!

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